Venice Biennale’s paradoxes: exclusion of the excluded

It is with disappointment that we read the email from Alejandro Aravena saying our proposal to adopt tait as a public furniture for the next Venice Biennale does not fit within the concept. This year theme is ‘reporting from the front’ and should reflect on architectural practices that engage with the marginalised social aspects of architecture. 

It is surprisingly disappointing to think that the work carried out with a community of homeless people is not part of this concept. We really wanted to report from the front questions concerning urban poverty and public space, dialogue and community, the voice of people who are often unlistenable! We worked for free, outside the institution, having arguments with charitable bodies, activists and even with the bloody Papal Almoner!!! All this simply to carry out a project that does not want to claim to be a solution! Coz we are not that hypocritical designers thinking to find a ready-made solution. 

Hypocrisy is on the contrary something that we want to polemicise with our dear Alejandro! Because we would really like to understand what is the concept then? Is it working with the urban poor and excluded other? Or is it the case that you, dear Alejandro, are again the same institutionalised mannequin! One who claim to be an activist, caring for the poor only when it comes to appear on some journal. It is curious to note in fact how you do not hesitate to ask for a 10000 USD honorary for a 3/h speech, plus expenses payed for a business return flight, meals and even the postcard you buy once in Edinburgh when students invite you to share your knowledge and work with and for them? You even asked to know the questions in advance!! Thanks and thank god the Internet is for free if had to listen to the same old shit you broadcast to the world since so long! Attached are two image that tells the type of professional you are. One is the invitation that Rebecca, a Fabrizio’s PhD colleagues and himself have sent to Alejandro. The other is his reply… 


Now, we would like to say that after all we welcome your negative response even more than a positive one! 

Expect tait, occupying the Venice biennale… See you soon Alejandro! 

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